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Teaching Fire Safety and Skills to Young Children

May 30, 2023
Posted by: Kai
During TCG Summer Karuizawa Nature Adventure at Rising Field Karuizawa, a student eagerly tries using flint to make sparks for the campfire. With focused determination, she strikes the flint, aiming to ignite the fire.

Welcome back to our Camp Diaries. Our first blog post offered a glimpse into a day at Karuizawa Summer Nature Adventure. Today, we're focusing on the campfire, a crucial part of our outdoor activities and a powerful tool for teaching our young learners safety, responsibility, and respect for nature.

Setting the Stage: Preparing for a Day of Fire Learning

Our fire learning activities kick off with our campers gathering sticks of four different sizes - pencil lead size, pencil size, finger size, and gobo size (roughly the size of a burdock root) - for the fire. This activity teaches them about teamwork and visual discrimination and fosters a sense of camaraderie as they cheer each other on and celebrate their collective effort.

They also help create a safe fire area, digging a hole and setting up a perimeter. These hands-on experiences lay the groundwork for the day's activities and give our young learners a deeper understanding of fire safety.

The Role of the Facilitator in Teaching Fire Skills

Our facilitators are vital to the learning journey. They're skilled at turning emergent curiosities into valuable lessons. For example, when the kids show interest in the campfire, our facilitators are ready to teach essential fire skills and safety knowledge. They're trained in both safety and childcare, enabling them to adapt to the children's reactions and adjust the environment and lessons accordingly.

Head Camp Facilitator, Kai Chang, reads "Fiery Fox" to students at Rising Field in Karuizawa, teaching them about fire safety. Students listen attentively, engrossed in the interactive storytelling experience, while learning important lessons in a serene forest setting.

Fire Safety: An Essential Component of Early Childhood Education

We introduce 'Fiery Fox,' a fun and engaging book that helps us teach fire safety. Through Fiery Fox, we demonstrate safe practices and emphasize the importance of repetition and familiarity with safety rules. This approach makes fire safety an integral part of our early childhood education program, equipping our learners with essential knowledge and skills for outdoor adventures.

A TCG Summer Karuizawa Nature Adventure student at Rising Field focused on his task, determined to start the campfire. He struck the flint, igniting sparks. It was a hands-on learning moment in the picturesque setting of Karuizawa.

Reflections on the Day: The Impact of Fire Learning

Reflecting on a day at Karuizawa Nature Adventure, it's clear that fire learning is transformative. Our young learners arrive curious and leave with new skills and knowledge. They learn about fire and safety, teamwork, problem-solving, and respect for nature. These experiences leave a lasting impact, equipping our learners with skills beyond the campfire.

Join us next time as we continue to explore the unique aspects of our Nature Adventure Program at Rising Field in Karuizawa. We can't wait to share more with you!

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